About a BLANK page

a BLANK page is whatever you, the author, choose to make it. The beginnings of a whole new world, or a look into the world of someone else. This blank page is a collection of my adventures (or misadventures) and experiences while abroad along with a fair scattering of my own thoughts and observations.

Below you will find the four categories for which the blog was originally named and which I felt best encompassed the different aspects of my journey. I have since added a fifth category for my purely creative works.

Teaching : My experiences working with children and teaching them. Some relate to my year teaching English in French schools with TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France). Other, related adventures are included as well.

Wandering Time living abroad, cities and countries visited, cultural realizations. All are included below. Visit the Travel Map page to see places visited (and related posts) as well my wish list of where I would like to go someday.

Learning : Things I have discovered, learned, and experienced through my adventures. Whether they are from my students, family, friends or wanderings, my mind is always open. Never stop learning.

Wondering : I love to ponder, think, ramble, muse. Here’s all my realizations, random trains of thoughts, and such. Explore to see the random nonsensical thoughts I come up with.

Writing : The 5th, additional and newest category. A collection of my Blogging University posts as well as a few of my own literary thoughts and creations.

For more information about yours truly, visit my About Me page as well.


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