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(-Dr. Seuss)

Just over four years ago, when I graduated from high school, a dear family friend gave me a card with this image and quote on the front as part of my graduation gift. Little did any of us know how true that card was :

From my hometown, Portland, I moved to New Orleans, Lousiana to attend Tulane University.

After two years at Tulane, I decided to spend my third year studying abroad in Paris, France.

And now, after graduating from Tulane only four months ago I am about to move back to France (the South this time) to teach English for a year.

Let’s put this into perspective: I have never been to this part of France. I personally know no one living in this area. I have not met any of my co-workers yet and have no idea even of my schedule. I do not yet have a permanent residence (youth hostel, here I come!).

I am, in all honesty, scared – no, terrified – to death.

I am also so excited I can barely stay still and want to yell from the rooftop that I get to MOVE BACK TO FRANCE (thus this wonderful blog).

This blog will serve as my way to keep all my wonderful friends and family updated on my life. My adventure, and difficulties. I hope to fill it with tips for future teachers, students, and travelers, as it serves as a documentary of my new journey. For who knows where it will take us?

For I am going with the purpose of teaching others about our language and culture.

But I will take advantage of this opportunity to travel and wander the beautiful country I get to live in and the world that I inhabit.

And as I travel I will learn about the world and people around me.

And learning can only lead to even more questions and a desire to learn more.

And what better way to share that knowledge gained from wondering and learning, than by teaching it to others?

So where shall we start? And where shall we go?