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We say it a lot, and I’ve always known its true. But you never actually realize until you’re without one of those luxuries.

For me, right now, it’s my fancy smartphone. I have had my “new” phone for barely 24hrs and am already looking for some way to replace it.
It’s not even the lack of 3G and constant internet access for my every whim.
I went without data on my phone the last time I lived in France.
It’s not the lack of fancy – and mostly unnecessary – apps.
I can still use those that don’t require the internet, and those that do I have my iPad for.
Although I do resent having to carry both phones around, it’s one more thing to keep track of that I don’t need. It’s not even that either though as I’m already carrying around enough things it hardly makes a difference.

It’s the darn texting! It will drive me absolutely insane, 100% serious.
Now I learned, like most everyone else my age and older, how to text on just as dinky and pathetic (probably more so) of a phone as this one. Tapping a single key multiple times to get a single letter out or learning how to use T9.
That’s what I learned how to text on though ten years ago (wow, doesn’t that make me feel old!?! And I was damn good at it!

And as I moved on to smartphones with full keyboards, the adjustment was weird, and a little difficult at that. Embarrassingly so actually. But now, going back to that old, even obsolete form of texting is even harder. And it’s a little embarrassing how difficult and frustrating texting on this phone is.

But it’s even funnier how it’s not any of the fancy features that I’m missing most, just the keyboard and form of texting. Maybe it’s just because I have other ways to make up for the loss of those features whereas there’s nothing I can do about the keyboard. But I think it just emphasizes how whatever don’t always realize how silly some of the luxuries we have are and yet how big of a difference they can make at the same time.

Oh well. Just means there’s another thing to add to my to-do list. Finding another phone option.
Definitely not a top priority though as I’m still on the hunt for an apartment and a bank (I’ll update you all soon when there’s more to share). And I need to do my OFII (forms for my visa). And figure things out for my first week of work. So yeah. Definitely not the most important thing right now.

I’ll just suffer through for the time being without my oh so important fancy texting.