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Although I have not yet lost my footing, my jog has hit some unexpected (or perhaps somewhat expected yet nonetheless difficult) obstacles.

As some of you know, I did manage to find an apartment last week. The reason I have not yet posted on it though is because I was waiting until everything was finalized. Unfortunately, we are still having trouble getting to that stage.

We were supposed to move in yesterday or today, now I’m just hoping for early next week.

Renting an apartment as a foreigner (especially one on a small salary) is not easy. This is because to rent an apartment you first need a bank account. However, to open a bank account you need an address (i.e. an apartment).  See the problem? (And in the meantime, all of the other things I need to do : permanent phone plan, visa paperwork, etc. also needs at least one of the aforementioned things).

Originally, the rental agency who we happened to find the apartment from (just happened to walk in on our way to look at another, pure but happy luck, as our apartment had just gone on the market that morning!) said that if a French citizen who made 3x our monthly rent would guarantee us, then there shouldn’t be a problem with us renting the apartment. Unfortunately, this is no small favor to ask of someone, especially as we don’t’ really know and french people well enough to ask them (the agency wants the person’s tax/pay information and someone to go after should we not pay rent. Not that we would ever do that, but they want insurance I guess). It makes sense that the agency wants someone to back us up, but they won’t let us use our parents because they’re not french so that leaves us a little stuck.

(Note for future traveler’s and assistants : this may not be necessary with all apartment’s, it’s just our future landlord who asked the agency that whoever rented had this, and well we really like this apartment).

So after finding out we needed this guarantor and the one person who qualified (the au pair family Jenny is living with) wouldn’t do it our happy high from having found it had quite the crash landing.

Fear not though! For after much discussion with friends and family, and several trips to both the bank and rental agency (my French has improved by leaps and bounds thanks to this apartment hunt alone!) we may have found a solution!

If we can find a French citizen willing to claim us as living with them (which Jenny’s au pair family DID agree to last night as it is a much less daunting thing to ask for. Yay!) then we can use that address to open a bank account (and later change it once we have an apartment). With an open bank account and money, it will be much easier to prove to the rental agency that we can afford the apartment without having a guarantor.

So while we may not be moved in as soon as we had initially hoped Jenny and I are still very optimistic that this will work out and we will get our dream apartment (which has lots of room for visitors!)

Can’t wait to show you all pictures and do a proper post on it. So cross your fingers that we get moved in soon, for we are pushing through this and determined to make it work.

We will reach the end of our run and feel all the better for it!