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Cassis is definitely a place I would recommend to anyone visiting the south of France, even if for only a day. Yesterday was the second time I had gone to this small beach town, but it was just as beautiful on the return visit.

I went for the first time two years ago with a study abroad/university friend for a weekend. When she had first asked me if I wanted to go with her I thought to myself cass-what? But hey, beaches, sun, and a weekend trip, why not? So I went, and it was beautiful. We took a sleeper train there and arrived exhausted. But as we wandered the small, slowly awakening town, we couldn’t help but to be struck by the beautiful clear blue skies and equally blue water. We were only there for a short time. We spent one day visiting a local vineyard, learning about how the wine was made and getting a free tasting as well. The next day was spent on a boat tour that took us all around to the different calanques, and they were awe-inspiring. I was disappointed that we didn’t have the time to hike them, so when my friends mentioned the other night that they were planning a day trip I jumped on the opportunity!

We got up early to take a bus to Aubergne, and from there to Cassis (luckily, with our amazing cartreize it is only 2 euros for a day pass going almost anywhere!). Arriving we were a little disappointed to find that there was no market, as it was Sunday. Instead, we went to a boulangerie and grocery store to get some food for lunch later, and the tourist office for an all-important map. And then we were off!

It was a little tough at first, to find the beginning of the park/trail whatever you want to call it. But we found it and the views as we hiked were amazing! As the clouds burned off we were treated to bright blue skies, and equally blue water (you could see straight to the bottom, must have been at least fifteen feet!): beautiful! We did a little hiking, stopped at the second calanque for lunch on the beach, some swimming (the water was a little chilly, but not at all bad – at the end of October! I love the weather here), and a little nap. From there we did a little hiking before turning back to catch the bus home. Arriving back in town we had just enough time for an all-important ice cream break and then homeward bound we were.

Exhausted, covered in dirt (and sap from some impromptu tree climbing on my part), and salt water we said our goodbyes and trekked back to our respective apartments. But also feeling very fulfilled after some great hiking, swimming, and absolutely beautiful views. Another great day without a doubt.