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As I spend one of my last nights here in Copenhagen relaxing with my friends in our o-so-comfortable Airbnb, I think this term applies itself perfectly. Our walking tour guide, on the first day, explained it as best translating into ‘coziness’, especially relevant to this time of year as the temperatures drop and the days get shorter (especially so when daylight savings catches you off guard as it did this morning when I awoke to find that my watch said one time and my iPhone said another).

Copenhagen has certainly been amazing though. I know Jenny, especially, has fallen in love with the city. I can certainly see why. It is a beautiful city. Yesterday we spent the morning enjoying (and getting our daily exercise with) another free walking tour of the city center. I have to lament the fact that I never got a proper European history education back in high school; but I like to think that I have at least partially made up for that with all of the traveling I have done over the past few years. I definitely learned a lot about Scandinavia yesterday. I mean props to Denmark after several fires, bombings, wars, and who knows what other disasters you just pull through every time! Happiest country is right! After the tour we spent the rest of the afternoon strolling (and making friends with an Italian who works in a coffee shop we stopped at for our requisite hot drinks of the day) before returning to relax in our nice apartment just outside of city center (nice as hostels are for meeting new people it is also so nice to have a private place to relax and leave yourself laying about without worry).

Today we started with another tour, this one on the water. Yep, a canal tour of Copenhagen. We got to see the little mermaid statue, a quick view of the famous Christianshavn and so much more. Afterwards we breaked for some delicious Danish sandwiches we had picked up that morning and then parted ways : Jenny to go visit the famous Carlsberg museum and Hayley and I to go on another free walking tour of Christinahavn itself.

Unfortunately, none of our plans worked out quite as we had expected. Jenny, who had thought she was visiting the brewery was instead visiting the art collection of Jacob Jacobsen instead of the brewery. She told us that it was still quite an amazing collection though when we met over some absolutely delicious hot chocolate on the longest pedestrian shopping street in Copenhagen, Stroget (Hayley and I never found the tour and instead climbed Christiansborg palace for a beautiful 360 view of the city and visited the free national museum). From there we returned ‘home’ for another delicious home-cooked meal and another relaxing night in our PJs. Although our afternoons did not go as planned, I think we all still had another wonderful day in this city. I mean who couldn’t love it, with three palaces, some of the friendliest (and happiest if you believe the surveys which after being here I certainly so) people ever, and beautiful weather (okay, yeah that may be an exaggeration, but remember, I’m comparing this to Stockholm, and there was some sun today!)

Tomorrow we will give Christiansborg another shot, visit the last of the palaces (Rosenborg) and go to the top of the Round Tower (which is supposed to have another amazing view of the city) as we enjoy our last full day together in Copenhagen. From there Jenny and I will move on to Berlin together while Hayley spends a last couple days in Copenhagen (and gets to visit Hamlet’s Castle (Kronborg) as well (jealous!). I know Berlin will be amazing too though, and am even considering prolonging our stay there to include Halloween as well!

Hoping that, wherever you are, you are also having a hygge time. skål (cheers)!