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Three months, three SIM cards, three different unlocking attempts and I’ve finally hit gold! Okay, maybe not gold, but it sure feels like it because I finally, finally have a decent working phone (that can actually be used as a phone)!
Why did it take so long? Well, I suppose I am partially to blame due to my fair share of procrastination and refusing to make a final decision (read: choose which option was most likely to succeed and thus most worthy of my money). I do not, however, deserved the entirety of the blame. Let me sum up for you how this long, frustrating phone journey has played out over these glorious three months.
At one point I thought my phone had been successfully unlocked by my wonderful mother back in the states. Unfortunately upon checking this proved to not be true. At another I thought it would be possible to unlock it myself, free of charge. I spent hours looking through articles and websites courtesy of my brother. If it is possible, it is too hard for me. I like to think that I am good with technology, but not that good. There were a few weeks where I thought a phone would be arriving in the mail, from an American friend living in Paris and had an extra. This, however, also fell through when her own phone… Well, I hope whoever has it now is enjoying it. Wait no I don’t actually.
One by one each of these solutions disappointed (see, not all my fault!). I started to look into options of cheap phones that would at least be better than my current french phone. While looking in one store at the phone options they mentioned being able to unlock my iPhone for me. They gave me the quote and after some consideration I realized it would be about the same price as buying the other phone I was looking at.
Even after making this final decision it still took a couple weeks to get everything set up. The unlock took several days to process. Then I had to make an appointment at my bank who I was going to buy my phone plan through. After the appointment, it took another week for the new SIM card to arrive at the bank. But then, Thursday, I was able to go pick it up. And putting it in my phone, like magic, it worked! Success at last!

It’s still a little odd, to be able to use my iPhone again for everything. I’m just not used to it anymore I guess. I’m not someone (or I like to think I’m not at least) who really needs a smartphone nice as it is to have one. The real problem was just how frustrating the keyboard and texting were on my french phone. I adjusted for the most part to not having it. After all, last time I was in France although I used my old iPhone (which was out of contract and thus easy to get unlocked) I only had texting and calls on it. No data plan. And I did just fine.
I promised my mother, however, that I would get data for myself this time. I definitely understand why and do feel better having it and it makes life much easier (thank you, mom, you were right about the mini, considering how long this took). I’m going to certainly enjoy getting used to using my iPhone as, well, a phone again (American friends: I have WhatsApp now too so you can text me!). It will not be a tearful goodbye as I give up my french phone, although I’ll keep it with me for a couple weeks in case some people didn’t get my change of number message.
In the meantime I guess it’s time to move into my next tasks: figuring out what’s going on with health insurance as well as CAF (housing stipend) which I’m still struggling with. I should probably check in on my OFII medical visit (visa stuff) too as I’ve heard from several other assistants that they were never notified when their appointments were made…
Oh well, no rest for the weary I guess!