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Day 11 of Blogging 101. Today’s assignment was to respond to a blogging prompt. It took me a while to find one, I knew I wanted another more creative writing post after the strawberries yesterday. Not 100% sold on the outcome, but I definitely had fun with this one.

Prompt : Breathing Room – An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?

“I thought I was quite clear in my instructions,” the creature – being – entity? – admonished, looking down at me from an impressive seven feet. Its eyes were the blue of an untouched evening sky. Only blue, no black pupil, no white rim. And they glowed – no shined – like a polished child’s marble.

‘Not a marble,’ I decided, tearing my own gaze away to glance down at my feet, the universal act of a child caught in the midst of wrong-doing, beads. ‘Little shiny beads, and they’re stuck on its face just like some kid’s toy.’

“I believe I said three items,” it prompted. It’s voice was surprisingly clear and beautiful given the creature’s appearance, and the room seemed to ring with it even after the sound had ceased. I could feel it even in my sock-clad toes as they curled nervously into the carpet beneath me.

“And yet here we are,” it said, “with all of this,” one six-fingered hand took in the multitude of items. Along one wall was a filled was an antique desk with both a typewriter and computer. A filled bookcase along the wall and in the corner a loveseat and coffee table with a dimmed lamp for reading. Framed photos had been hung along the walls and notebooks and crumpled papers scattered the rug. “And here you are as well. I find myself quite curious…” It looked down its long, carrot-like (in both color and shape) nose at me. It was clear I could no longer stall my explanation.

My toes curled tighter. My hands were clasped solidly behind me, out of sight. Somehow, I knew it could still see them, as clear as if I held them directly before its face.

“Well, you see…” I started, then faltered.

“Yes, I see. I see plenty. I want to know why I see plenty, however.”

“Well so would I, but you’re the one with the magic here!” Or that’s what I probably would have said if it weren’t for that disconcerting blue gaze.

“Well you see,” I started again instead, “You said if ‘you‘ – meaning me – added more than three items the room would disappear. I only brought in the chair, typewriter, and lamp. That’s only three. My friends all brought in the rest.

Its eyes moved meaningfully down. “And then that,” I admitted.

At its feet was the mug I had carried in, and then promptly dropped when the room… well… disappeared.

“Well, it’s certainly the best-furnished room I’ve seen come back to me,” it admitted as I watched my precious tea seep into the beautiful carpeting. “Although I feel the company might leave something to be desired compared to the previous occasions…”