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In response to the Daily Post daily prompt Snapshot Stories : Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there. Tell us the story of that photo.

Googling Song ‘e Napule (general curiosity) I came up with an Italian comedy film, released last year about a pianist turned policeman… Or that’s what I gathered from the google generated translation of the wiki-article. I’m actually thinking about going to look into the film properly now… Anyways, back to the point, which is that’s not what this picture or post are about. Ummm… is that the point? Okay, nevermind that. As I was… not yet saying

Okay, nevermind that. As I was… not yet saying…

Because my computer has limited space, the easiest album for me to access was from my facebook. The first album that appeared there is titled Travel 2015 with Mom. Strolling through it I found several interesting photos that helped me remember the beginnings of our trip together. It was quite nice actually. The first picture of me, though, was our first night in Sorrento, just after we had left France and the debut of our grand Euro-trip.

It seems particularly appropriate, approaching one month since her return to the States, that I would return to do one more post on our trip together. Especially that it would be a post from one of our first few days traveling. For those who are curious, you can find my original Sorrento post at Sunny Siesta’s in Sorrento, and a follow-up at The Good, the Bad, and the… First World Problems.

It was our first night in the Italian coastal town of Sorrento. We had come in just a couple hours before on the train from Naples. We were tired, I was still upset over the loss of my wallet, we had no wi-fi and an overall disappointing apartment and so on. In short, all we wanted was a small bite and – most importantly – a glass of wine (or two).

Despite our slightly testy moods, we both fell in love with the town immediately (despite the crowds). Strolling down the street, we stopped at a little restaurant called Song ‘e Napule. Although mostly empty, it drew us in with its beautiful interior and simple  appertivo menu of charcuterie, formaggio, and vino.

We enjoyed a wonderful little meal. Stayed longer than intended as we relaxed with an extra glass of wine. The service was perfect – without us even asking they offered to bring more bread and olives to finish our cheese and meat board. The menu included a drink, and we each simply asked for a glass of a local red wine. Delicious. We sat down at about 4 or 5 pm. As we sat and watched the passerby (perfect view of both inside and out from our table near the open entrance). More people started to slowly fill the tables as it got later and closer to a more traditional Italian dinnertime.

The interior was unique and overall nicely designed (unfortunately, all my pictures are on my external drive and not easily available at the moment). In the back, one could see the cheese and meat selection arranged as might be found in a proper fromagerie or boucherie. I was very tempted to go explore and admire the selection but managed to restrain myself (it was a close call).

The manager and me after our meal.

The manager and me after our meal.

As we prepared to leave, we struck up a conversation with the waiter who brought us our bill. We were quite surprised – and impressed – when he told us that the restaurant had actually only been open a few months. Chatting with him about Sorrento, the restaurant, and my blog, I asked if I could take a couple pictures of the restaurant. My mom ended up taking this picture of us as well.

I like the picture a lot actually. It made me smile when I came across it again just now. After a very long and stressful day, it was a nice way to close out the evening and start a wonderful vacation. Thanks in large part to this restaurant, it’s tasty bites and wonderful staff. And in the end, despite a couple hitches along the way, we both really enjoyed Sorrento.

Thank you Song ‘e Napule, for welcoming us to Sorrento so graciously!

Considering how long it took me to a find a prompt I was drawn to yesterday, it was surprisingly nice how quickly I was able to respond to today’s prompt of the day!

Take a minute and glance at the first picture of yourself, or just a picture, in general, from a photo album. Do you remember the occasion? What was it or what does it make you think of?