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June 2015

This is always the most awkward of posts I find. As I discuss in my ‘Who I Am‘ post, there are many things that contribute to me. How can I – how can anyone – pick just a few things to sum them up?

I will try, though. Here are a few things about me. My name is Amory. I am 24 with a degree in Political Science and French. I expect I will one day go back to get yet another degree, as I love to learn, but that day has not yet arrived.

I also love to travel and explore the world. On two separate occasions, I have moved abroad – once to Paris for a year of study, and once to Aix-en-Provence (in Southern France) for a year of teaching English. (I am currently living in the Netherlands until the end of my visa period, exploring those paths which may grant me another year of living in Europe). Initially, the aim of this blog was to document my year of teaching and traveling abroad, to provide a resource for future English teaching assistants, and to keep family and friends in the States updated on my life, experiences, and adventures. The idea behind the original name of the blog (teaching wandering learning wondering) was the four aspects that I felt best encompassed the aim of the year. Through my experiences teaching other I, too, would learn (as I often tell my students) and through my wanderings of Europe I would come to question and wonder more. Thus, each aspect is connected and leads to one another.

Finally, I love to write. I love to express my ideas, share my thoughts, and create new worlds with only my pen and paper. In addition to documenting my year, it was also this yearning to write again that spurred the creation of this blog. Lacking inspiration, I searched for something new to encourage me to continue writing, and this blog has certainly done that. My passion for writing has also transformed the blog as I began to fill it with additional thoughts and ramblings, some that did not necessarily relate to my life abroad. As I change the blog to better encompass all it has come to be over the year (and all I hope it will be in the future) I hope also to one day share some of my original, creative pieces here.

a BLANK page is more than just my page (a little play on words for those who know me personally). As a writer blank pages have at times been the most intimidating, frustrating, hopeless sight. On other occasions, however, it can represent countless possibilities, new worlds, people, ideas to create and share with others. This blog, this blank page, I hope to fill with all of these to share with you.



I decided to keep me original About Me entry to better document the progression of the page. So if you’re interested feel free to read on.


September 2014

So, for those of you who don’t know, my name is Amory. During my junior year of university, I studied for ten months in Paris. Having loved living in France, and not ready to join the actual, real, real world yet upon graduation, I decided to come back to France.

I applied for the TAPIF program, which stands for Teaching Assistant Program in France. I am now living in a ‘small’ (by American standards at least) town in the south of France, Aix-en-Provence. Three days a week I go to one of three schools I have been assigned to in an even smaller town about 30 minutes north of here. At each school, I have several classes of French students that I am in charge of teaching for an hour each. (Why they call us assistants I don’t know, I’m pretty much in charge of the whole oral curriculum for each class).

Anyway, back on topic. I created this blog for a few reasons.

One : So that I could both keep my friends and family back home updated on my life. My trials, my travels, my adventures. (Maybe this way I won’t be writing out the same texts about where I went for vacation, or how terrible my day was for ten different people. Probably will still be doing that though. Oh well).

Two : So that perhaps it could serve as a resource for future teaching assistants on the program. So they could get an idea of what it is like to be a language assistant in France. Both the difficult and frustrating experiences and the rewarding ones, so that they may be just a little more prepared for what awaits them when it is their turn.

Third : … Well, why not? A little more complicated than that I guess. I love writing actually, usually fiction though. Unfortunately, I have had a bit of a writers block lately. This seemed like a good way to keep “those creative juices flowing” as they say, and hopefully, by simply keeping writing, my inspiration for my latest project (or for a new one even!) will return to me. Maybe you’ll even get some sneak peeks should that happen!

So, whether you love or hate it, thanks for visiting the blog. Feel free to tell me what you think (nicely of course), or leave some tips (love travel ones especially. And anything to help survive the french administrative system helps!) And hopefully, you’ll come back and follow me and my journeys of the year!


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Amory. Like you, I have struggled with what to write on my “About me” page. I have tried to create a picture of who I am without being overly wordy about it. I need some feedback to know if what I have on the page currently is accurate as to who I am, fairly concise, and interesting. I’m still working on it and will revisit the page and possibly rework it in a day or two. From my perspective, I would like to make two comments on your About Me page: First: I think it is really a good use of the blog to show your life and work as a teaching assistant (if that is the right title). I would be interested to read some of your experiences. Second: To me, your About Me is too long and somewhat rambling. Could you consider ways to focus it on the most important features of who you are?

    I don’t know if this is of any help to you at all, but just want to encourage you because, although I feel you are using too many words (always my concern for my own writing), I am getting glimpses of a very interesting person living an interesting life. If you want to check out my page, you can click here:http://skip22037.com/about/

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  2. Amory, it sounds like an exciting time in your life to be living in a different country and enjoying what sounds like a peaceful place. Perhaps your work in France will inspire your writing as you practice and prepare for your career.

    On the suggestions front, I would only comment to watch your grammar (than vs. then; peeks vs. peaks), but your story flows pretty well and it held my interest. Frankly, that is saying something since I have no interest in learning to speak French and I don’t plan to become a writer. Anyway, good luck to you!


  3. Hi Amory! I’m Amanda, and I found your blog in the Commons because we’re both taking Blogging 101! I’m looking forward to reading your posts about your personal experiences and your creative writing. xx


  4. I think you’ve done a great job here. Everything looks really nice and your “about me” is interesting. Do you like the Chateau theme? I use it also.


    • Thank you so much! I love Chateau. I’ve gone through many and spent several hours (weeks) trying out different themes. In the end I knew I wanted something like a notebook/newspaper/book and this was the closest I could get. I think it has that authentic (yet clean) feel I was looking for.


  5. Hi Blank Page! I saw your request for feedback on The Commons area, so thought I post. First, I like your color scheme and the photo header. Nicely done. I see what you mean about having to scroll through the text to see the various posts. I’m no expert, but see if your theme supports a “continue reading” line.

    Try this (it works for mine, but maybe not yours): Go to your Dashboard, then to Posts, then to All Posts. Find a post you want to try it on and click “edit” under the link. Put your cursor somewhere in your post text, maybe four or five lines in. On your toolbar, third from the right, is an icon for “Insert Read More tag.” Click on that. Then click “update” and check to see if that worked.

    My thinking is that you can still have all your main posts on your home page, but there will be less text for the reader to scroll through.

    Hope this helps! Keep blogging!


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